My new project…


… has a new blog. I intend to find out, and write about, everything you ever wanted to know about wolves and dogs and humans. Let’s see how far I get.

Alexander Fiske-Harrison

2 thoughts on “My new project…”

  1. Dancing With Wolves eh!

    I saw a film last year ‘Le Derniere Loup’. Or ‘Wolf Totem’ have you seen it? Do you know Damian Aspinall? Also that there are wolves now re introduced in Haut Provence..or they have come up from the Appennini.They shoot them which makes me furious. .in revenge, just for taking only the odd sheep …surely the government should compensate. I dream of going up into the hills on the big full moon in late August and howl …..and see if they respond. Maybe you join in !!!? Aspers used to howl at his wolves at Howletts …. After dinner! My friend Min Muker was married to him and I used to stay and went into the tiger cage! I have lots of photographs Zemo jumping into the pool….and also into the gorilla cage. That was very scarey. Huge black hand takes mine and then hurls me against the side .! Shudder! I shall look forward to hearing more.. Do you know the artist Mark Aldington? AbrassosM

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