P.S. Blunt, Bryant and Brando

Further to my post below, I just published this in The Spectatorhttp://blogs.spectator.co.uk/culturehousedaily/2015/01/blunt-is-right-being-posh-in-the-arts-is-career-suicide/ I wonder whether anyone cared about the background of Welles (family of money), Brando (poverty), Nicholson (poverty) or Ordóñez (family of bullfighters). AFH

1 thought on “P.S. Blunt, Bryant and Brando”

  1. Thanks for an interesting look into reverse-elitism in the arts. Just read a fascinating article by Tim Winton on the apparent inability of Aussies to talk openly about class these days. The supposed “fair go” that everyone shares has been broken down of late… mostly due to mining money minting new millionaires, but Winton argues that there isn’t room to talk about it. http://www.themonthly.com.au/issue/2013/december/1385816400/tim-winton/c-word

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