For those that missed it: The return of Juan José Padilla to the bullring in Olivenza.


YouTube video below:

Alexander Fiske-Harrison

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  1. Kay Bryan says:

    Bravo! Amazing courage & comeback.

  2. Matthew Clayfield says:

    Is that Alexander wiping away a tear?

  3. ??? I do appear, very briefly at 2 mins 30 underneath the singer doing his cante jondo but I see no tears… AFH

  4. Barbara Ritchie says:

    Many thanks for posting this! I am one of those who couldn’t get to Olivenza this year and this “resurrection corrida” of Padilla was one of those monumental events which ARE, on so many, many symbolic levels, what the whole cultural exercise is all about!!

  5. Matthew Clayfield says:

    It’s highly possible that I’m wrong. The fellow I’m looking at appears twenty-four seconds in next to the photographer in red. But no, that does indeed appear to be the top of your head beneath the singer. Meanwhile, it’s great to be able to see some of the fight. Remarkable to think he was pulling all that off without depth perception.

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