My interview on BBC Radio Oxford

As the Oxford Mail reported, my talk at Blackwell’s bookshop in Oxford on my book Into The Arena: The World Of The Spanish Bullfight was finally cancelled following a debacle involving purported death-threats and postponements for security reasons which all  seemed deeply dubious.

However, as a result, I was invited to talk instead on Bille Heine’s Sunday morning show on BBC Radio Oxford. The other guests were a hunt saboteur, a representative of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – PETA – and the secretary of the Club Taurino of London – CTL.

You can find the interview by clicking here. It begins one hour into the show and lasts for an hour.
Alexander Fiske-Harrison

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  1. Thanks for the link Alexander – I missed this Radio Interview.

  2. You’re welcome. AFH

  3. Apologies for deleting the earlier blog post with this comment attached. Thank you again Wernfried. I am now working on a novel. Less risky. (I am referring to getting in the ring, not the risible and empty threats of animal rights activists.)

    I’ve just listened to your broadcast: Well done and really interesting, your bit. As to Mike Civilized-and-Actually-a-Vegan Hates, I always find it a highly sickening to listen to something read out or learned by rote, and that’s the impression one gets from listening to these lenghthy diatribes. In some ways, though, they are quite subtle with their repetitive 75,9% and ‘He’s basically admitted that …I’m right’ flannel.

    Don’t give in! What’s your next book?

    Wernfried K.

  4. Peter Gordon says:

    I enjoyed your book. Well balanced and very interesting. Thank you. I shall listen to the interview.

    The same animal rights terrorists caused Waterstones to cancel their Frank Evans’ signings a year or two ago. Apparently, they agreed it not appropriate to be seen endorsing the contents of a bullfighter’s autobiography – but they did have Mein Kampf on their shelves.

  5. Thank you Mr. Gordon. I find the whole thing hilarious, and, because of the actions of a few, my interview went to an audience of tens of thousands rather than just tens…

    Of course, the BBC insisted on having a hunt saboteur and then a campaign manager from PETA. Which is why I began to interrupt more: they said the same things. Notably, the aficionado they had on last had only a few minutes and was quized by the host in the most outrageous manner which he did not apply to the earlier guests. AFH

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