The Man of the Moment: Juan José Padilla

Screen capture of interview (videos embedded below)

I have embedded below, in two parts, Canal Sur’s Jesús Quintero interviewing the matador Juan José Padilla – and his wife Lidia at the end of the second part - about his forthcoming return to the ring in Olivenza on March 4th, following his horrific injuries I posted about here. Not for nothing did I place him seventh in my “Toreros Through Time” ranking for The Times, reprinted in the post before this one. As I said in an earlier post, I will be going with him to Olivenza.

Alexander Fiske-Harrison

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  1. Roberto Brzezinski says:

    I am devastated to have just learned of the horrific goring suffered by Juan-Jose. I pray that he will overcome and survive this atrociity both physically and mentally. I had the great pleasure of meeting Juan-Jose Padilla TWICE…once at the Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera along with his wife and again in the parking lot of the Leroy Merlin Store in Jerez de la Frontera. He was absolutely the warmest, kindest and courteous person one would ever hope to meet. He took the time to find a picture in his wife’s car which he was driving and when he went to autograph it he noticed that it had already been dedicated to someone else….he nonetheless still autographed it TO ME and invited me to come to his house in Sanlucar where he would present me with a better autographed photo. What a gentleman….de verdad, UN SENOR!!!!!

    I had the pleasure of being in Spain at the Base Naval de Rota and fell in love con los toros! I always looked forward to the Feria del Caballo because of the outstanding bullfights performed in Jerez during the Feria……

    God speed, Juan Jose Padilla…..que Dios te bendiga…..Roberto.

  2. In a post that has now been made private, you shared a link to see Juan-Jose Padilla’s next fight. Is there a chance of getting that information again?

  3. Should be back up now. AFH

  4. Here’s one for you. Padilla in Olivenza:

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